It doesn’t matter if you want to build lean muscle faster, get those 6 pack abs or only drop some pounds, one machine that can really help you to get the desired results is ab machine.
In the article below you will find a quick overview of the best ab machines for 2012 and useful tips on how to buy a new ab machine for your home. There are more great tips in the video below… enjoy and have a great day!

Choosing the right abs machine for the year 2012 is not that easy, since you have to decide from hundreds. Multifunction machines can cost as much as a thousand dollars, but simple ab wheels and rollers won’t cost you nearly that much. Your preferences and budget will determine which you will choose. To help guide you in this matter, we’ve picked out some of the most outstanding ab machines that are currently available.

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The Bowflex Series 7 Treadmill is higher end and of the same high quality that you would use at a gym. It has been highly ranked both by people who have purchased it and by the fitness magazines. It is also on the pricier side but it makes a good investment for any person who is serious about fitness and who thinks it is better to work out at home instead of at a gym.

There are 15 programs, as well as grip and telemetric heart rate monitors to help you keep track of progress. This machine helps you burn fat more efficiently so if you want to focus on your abs, it is a good machine to buy. It also lets you climb hills and do speed interval training if you need an additional challenge.  The Lifeline USA Power Wheel ll is an advanced version of what many people know as the ab wheel. This deceptively simple device was named “Best Core Trainer in the World”; by the University of California, Berkeley. You can get plenty of good use from this portable piece of equipment, that is lightweight and only costs about $50.

Athlete or beginner, it doesn’t matter what your fitness level is, the Power Wheel can help you. Aside from providing a challenging ab workout, it allows you to work your arms, chest and even leg muscles. Before you fully invest in an ab machine, it is important to figure out if you actually want to do your workout at home instead of at the gym. It is true that it is more convenient to get your exercise in at home but there are a few people who are going to find it extremely difficult to stay motivated.

You also would have to invest quite a bit of money to get anywhere near the equivalent type of equipment you’d find at a typical gym. When you want to both lose weight and target your ab muscles, just to use one example, you can use a Captain’s Chair, a crunch machine and maybe an elliptical trainer or treadmill to help burn calories. Obviously, even when you do manage to go to the gym, it might be a good idea to buy an ab machine to keep at home for the days when you cannot go to the gym.

There are tons of different ab machines out there, so it is okay for you to show favoritism to one over the other. You should keep your eye out for a machine that is reasonably priced and one that you think you could use on a regular basis. In the end, the ab machines we have talked about in this article might be really great options, however you should always remember that they will only help you if you follow the right exercise routine.

I hope that you have found this overview of the best ab machines for 2012 to be useful for you, leave your comment if you have any question.
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